lunes, 22 de enero de 2018

Hazel Scott - Polydor

Soon, Love Me Or Leave Me, Emaline, Love Will Find A Way,
Mary Lou, Dancing On The Ceiling (He Dances On My Ceiling),
Brown Bee Boogie, Nightmare Blues


 H. Scott / Sidney Catlett - People Will Say We're In Love

Hazel Scott / Sidney Catlett - Honeysuckle Rose

Hazel Scott / Sidney Catlett - Jam Blues

Monia Liter and his Orchestra - Lovers in París / Lovers In Rome

Chanti Song, Lovers In Rome, Tango Teneriffa, 
Andalusian Girl, Anna Mari, Italian Street Scene, 
Canzone D'Amore, The Magic Fountains Of Rome,

Soft Lights Of Rome, Tango De Casino,

Sicilian Lullaby, Serenata Cortese,

Guaglione, Marie Louise, The Girl I Left In Rome

The Jokers - Tabou